DCh, PlCh, Bundessieger Austria, Bundessieger Germany,
WorldCh06, IntCh, Europasieger, Bundessieger 2007, Top Dog 2007

Lucignolo del Pesco

Pedigree number: LIR04/85139
Date of birth: 2004.04.24
Sex: male
Color: Brown with white
HD: A 
Eye Certificate
Patella Certificate
Hip Certificate

Owned by: Silke Eberhardt, Germany
Bred by: Paolo Dondina, Italy

We are very fortunate that Silke & Jochen have agreed to allow semen from their top winning dog to come to Australia.

A bit about Bruno from his owners:

" Bruno at home has a farm boys charm, affectionate and very direct. Quite attentive and as all lagotti, tends to bark and indicate if anything is different to what it used to be. 

He gets along well with his three kennel mates (terriers).   Being a brown dog he avoids heat and sun. He readily took to water from puppyhood on and loves to retrieve from deep water, be it sweetwater or sea. he has tremendous bone and well padded feet. He is extroverted, loves shows and is an excellent mover, which makes ring successes easier. He is a very passionate stud dog (Italian lover!), fast and very efficient.

Bruno is the lagotto with the densest and wooliest coat I have ever met. One actually cannot get to the skin, so in the summer he has to wear a tick collar as the spot on medication cannot be applied. Beautiful grip and really meets the experts' requirement that if you put your palm on to the coat, it has to be like a springy mattress."

Bruno has sired litters in Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Scandinavia, Croatia with more to come.

Lucignolo del Pesco

DCh, PlCh, Bundessieger Austria, Bundessieger Germany, WorldCh06, IntCh, Europasieger, Bundessieger 2007, Top Dog 2007 Hips A/A

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