Greydove Kennels maintain the utmost responsibility when explaining to new Weimaraner owners the health problems that can affect Weimaraners. For this reason we usually insist that all people interested in a Greydove puppy or adult visit our home so we can discuss these health problems and how they can be treated. We should always be contacted if your puppy shows any symptoms of the below conditions.

Greydove Kennels fully supports all our puppy purchasers for the entire length of their dogs’ life and this starts from the very beginning. There are 3 main health problems Weimaraners may face:

1. Bloat;

2. Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy “HOD”; and

3. Hip Dysplasia.

The Weimaraner Club of America provides a good general overview on some health aspects relating to the Weimaraner please read this...

Below are some of the better articles and information available on the internet for your interest. 

Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) “Gastric Torsion or Bloat”

Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy “HOD”

Separation Anxiety

Hip Dysplasia 

Eye Disorders

Weimaraners seem to be prone to eyelid and eyelash problems. Entropian, inward rolling of the eyelids, Etropion, outward ward rolling of the eyelids, Distichiasis, extra eyelashes grown on the inside of the eyelid are all conditions hat you should be aware of.  The eyelashes can appear at any age. Indeed the above conditions are present in many breeds.  More information can be found at the CERF site at our links page.


Means elevated levels of uric acid in the urine. This trait predisposes dogs to form stones in their bladders or sometimes kidneys. These stones often have to be removed surgically and can be difficult to treat. Hyperuricosuria is inherited as a simple autosomal recessive trait. The trait can occur in any breed. A DNA test for this specific mutation can determine if dogs are normal or if they carry one or two copies of the mutation. Dogs that carry two copies of the mutation will be affected and susceptible to develop bladder/kidney stones. The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at UC Davis offers a DNA test for hyperuricosuria to assist owners and breeders in identifying affected and carrier dogs.

Our Views on Hip Scoring

Greydove prides itself on hip scoring all our breeding stock. We are not always able to control whether a stud dog we use has had his hips x-rayed and scored as it is not mandatory in Australia and many breeders believe it is not a problem in the Weimaraner. However personal experience has taught us that this is not so as we have bought (and had to put down) Weimaraners in Australia who have turned out to be dysplastic. Should we have a dog in our breeding program without a hip score there is always a reason why and we will always share that with you.

See below hip scores for our dogs and dogs we have bred.

Our Hip Scores

We are pleased to provide clickable links to our dogs' scoresheets for some of our dogs.


Am/Aust Ch Nani N Greydove Milenium Bug (Imp USA) 2:2=4 AVA 

Aust Ch Hollowhills Leige Lord 0:0=0 AVA 

BIS SV-02 Greydove Nordic Liaison (Exp Swd) A European 

Greydove Hot Summer Nite (Exp Swd) A European 

Gr/Sth Af/Intnl Ch Greydove Desert Storm (Exp Gr) 0 

Aust Ch Greydove Russian Roulette AI 0:0=0 AVA 

Ch Greydove Lord Oth Rings 1:0=1 AVA 

Am/Aust Ch PewteRun Greydove Black Magic (Imp USA) 1:2=3 AVA 

Am/Aust BIS/BISS 'Ekahi Greydove Quicksilver Imp USA 0:2=2 AVA

Ghostwind Smokin Gun 1:1=2 AVA

Aust Ch Ghostwind Unomy Numba - July 2010


Am/Aust Ch Nani’s Dis-Harmony (Imp USA) Good OFA 

Aust Ch Kadma Xtra Special Sage AI 4:5=9 AVA 

Aust Ch Clayco Just It 1:1=2 AVA 

Aust Ch Greydove Indiana Affair 1:1=2 AVA 

SV-03 Greydove French Affair (Exp Swd) A European 

Greydove Chantilly Lace 0:0=0 AVA 

Greydove Cashmere N Lace (Exp Swd) A European

Greydove Concerto Magic (Exp USA) OFA Good

Greydove Jive Bunny (Exp Italy) A European

Aust Ch Greydove Poetry in Motion 0:0=0 AVA 

Multi Ch Greydove at Fala Lovea (Exp Poland) A European

Multi Ch Greydove at Flanders Joy (Exp Belguim) A European

Greywei Just By Chance A.I. 6:5=11 AVA

Aust Ch Greydove Ultimate Diva 6:7=13 AVA

Am Ch Greydove Ekahi Island Gal OFA Good

Aust Ch Greydove Fine Romance  1:0=1 AVA

Greydove Aint She Sweet 1:1=2 AVA

Aust Ch Greydove Ekahi Surfer Girl Imp USA 4:3=7 AVA

Greydove Music Oth Nite A.I. 1:1=2 AVA

Greydove Blue Moon 0:1=1 AVA

Please visit the Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals to learn about hip scores/grades.

Other Hip Dysplasia Registries—An Approximation 

 OFA  FCI (European)  BVA (UK/Aust) SV (Germany) 
 E A1  0-4   Normal
 G  A2  5-10  Normal
 F  B1  11-18  Normal
 B  B2  19-25  Fast Normal
 M  C  26-35  Noch Zugelassen
 mod  D  36-50  Mittlere
 S  E  51-106     Schwere